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The hospitality industry has changed. More and more customers are connecting with brands online through platforms like Instagram. Visually focused platforms which tell stories and allow consumers to share experiences. People book their holidays, hotels and activities more and more after seeing these experiences online.

This has created tremendous opportunity for hotels. By investing in an in-house story telling team, a team to produce on brand digital content, hotels can connect with a massive audience, build excitement for your brand and book more rooms.

Resorts and hotels can even use cleverly timed digital marketing campaigns to increase bookings during traditionally slow seasons.

The problem? These teams are expensive, and often have to be trained in house. The skill sets needed to successfully provide these services stretches across multiple fields. You need a photographer, videographer, editors, marketers and social media managers. Often times you need to contract out to social media influencers as well. Developing these resources costs time and money.

Our team provides a much simpler solution. We provide a team of experts to produce on brand content in your hotel or resort, working hand in hand with your marketing team. By working with you we keep the content produced all about you and your brand - telling your unique story. Then we optimize that content for all of the major social media channels and pass it on to your social team.

No social team? No worries. We can provide digital marketing experts to help you effectively share your content and connect with guests online. We can also provide access to a curated set of Instagram influencers and disseminate your content online.

Our team will help you design a content marketing strategy, will professionally produce the content and will help you share it online to the World.

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At Live Wild we understand the hospitality industry. The most successful companies understand that the guest comes first. Serving their needs, and delivering the experience they expect is paramount.

We believe that same should be true of your marketing, and your marketing company. Live Wild will help you craft on brand marketing content that puts your guests experience at the forefront of your social media. Sharing an experiential story.

We understand that good marketing has goals. And the goals of the hospitality industry are unique. You craft beautiful, service focused experiences for your guests. We want to help you share those experiences with the World online.

You'll enjoy the same quality of service and guest care that you provide your guests while working with us.

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